Welcome to the Baton Rouge Area Football Officials Association Website

The Baton Rouge Area Football Officials Association (BRAFOA) is an organization of dedicated men and women striving to continually improve the techniques of officiating, the understanding of the rules of the game of high school football, as well as the uniform and consistent application of those rules.

If you’re interested in – or have a question about – becoming a football official, contact us, and we will get back with you with all the information you need.

  • 2021 BRAFOA Important Dates

    Below is a list of important dates for the 2020-2021 BRAFOA/LHSAA/LHSOA Football Season:

    LHSAA Football Registration (ArbiterSports): Monday, June 21 – Tuesday, August 17

    BRAFOA Membership Registration (ArbiterSports): Monday, June 21 – Saturday, August 7

    LHSAA/LHSOA State Football Camp (Teurlings Catholic): Saturday, July 24

    LHSAA Football Rules Clinic (LHSAA Online): Monday, August 9 – Sunday, August 22

    LHSAA Football Test (LHSAA Online): Monday, August 23 – Tuesday, September 7

    LHSAA Football Makeup Test (LHSAA Online): Monday, September 13 – Tuesday, September 21

    Please refer to the 2021 BRAFOA Important Dates page for more information on other items such as Weekly Meeting/Training Schedule.

  • 2021 Registration Information

    2021 LHSAA Football Registration will open on June 21, 2021 and ends Tuesday, August 17, 2021 online through ArbiterSports. Cost of registration is $52 (first sport) and $35 (each subsequent sport).

    2021 BRAFOA Registration will open on June 21, 2021 and ends Saturday, August 7, 2021 also through ArbiterSports. Cost of registration is $50.

    Please refer to the 2021 Registration Page for details.


    Below is the Vendor Registration process in order to receive payment for Thrive Academy games:

    1. Click the link:
    2. On the LaGov Supplier Registration Check for Existing Record page insert the following:
      • Full Name
      • SSN (note that hyphens are required)
      • Address
      • Click Continue
    3. In the “Company Details” section
      • Do you want to be notified of bid opportunities?  Click NO.
      • Would you like to provide Vendor Demographic Information at this time? Click NO.
    4. In the “Company Address Data” section
      • Do you wish to have Purchase Orders emailed to your company? Click NO
      • Enter your email address
      • Enter your telephone number
    5. In the “Contact Person Details” section
      • Enter your name, email address and telephone number
      • Click Yes for signature authority.
    6. In the “Import Notice Must Read” section
      • Read and check the box to agree to terms
    7. Click SUBMIT
    8. You will then receive an email with your new VENDOR NUMBER and TEMPORARY PASSWORD
      • Click the link in the email to log in with your vendor number and temporary password.
      • Enter a new permanent password
    9. Email your W-9 Form to DOA-OSRAP-LAGOV@la.gov or fax it to 225.342.0960
    10. If you want direct deposit, you have to email and request the form to DOA-OSRAP-EFT@la.gov

    Members may also click the following link for a pdf of these instructions: Thrive Academy Registration Instructions


    ALL OFFICIALS, please refer to the new LHSOA LOGO POLICY in regards to the utilization of the LHSOA trademark logo.


    The 2020 Football Study Guides are now available online. Select the link below to view/download: